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Articles focus on enhancing adviser and committee-member relationships, organizing useful support groups, speeding completion with time-management and organizational tricks, generating a motivating topic, eliminating literature review overwhelm, overcoming writer’s block, dealing effectively with negative feedback and criticism, psyching up for oral exams, and much more.Author and editor, Ronda Davé, Ph D, bases these articles on her work with more than 1,000 graduate students from 15 institutions over 25 years.

This may lighten the process and make it more bearable. The quality of your life is equal to the quality of your questions, so ask empowering questions of yourself.

Get personal power leverage by associating old behaviors with pain and by associating your new behaviors with pleasure.

Choose the filter that keeps you on the path toward completion. For every task that we do in life we have a choice whether we do it with play or not.

Try to bring play into all of your activities, including the sometimes arduous dissertation process.

Your job is to show up on fire for every email, dissertation meeting and even in your own research writing.

Your enthusiasm will help promote you toward graduation. As long as you do your best, by using your greatest capabilities there is no failure. For example: Problem: I intend to measure the quantity of C produced when different amounts of B are added to A. This usually narrows down to: (a) it would be useful or (b) it would fill in an area of knowledge.You wouldn’t be at this stage of the dissertation process unless you were able to complete it.You have surpassed a variety of challenges thus far.Is your summer filled with research and writing rather than sun and sea?Motivation for a long-term project can be challenging to maintain, especially when campus has gone quiet and it feels like everyone else in on a break.As yet, there has been no systematic investigation of the possible interactions.Understanding this may lead to reduction in the use of pesticides / better control of neurological conditions / lower costs for liquid crystal production / a more consistent method of controlling drag on vessels / greater effectiveness in primary education for children who….Success is directly related to the effort that you put toward your goals.Create great effort goals—goals that are within your control.


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