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This is the low resolution texture patch for the Antithesis race addition for Armada 2 All textures have beem knocked down to 256 X 256 for those slower video cards.Installation: To install, unzip into your primary Armada II directory.We hope to make versions compatible with STvs SW, Borg Incusion, and various race addons.

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Mod remains an influential strand in popular culture, regularly reappearing to insinuate itself with new waves of music and fashion. Mods may forever be associated in the public mind with a handful of cliches – parkas, scooters, rivalry with rockers – but beneath the media shorthand lies a disparate scene with a capacity for reinvention that has attracted successive generations of devotees.

As suggested by even the most cursory list of the movement’s stylistic idols – Freeman, actor and lifelong mod; Perry, who lent his name to the uber-mod polo shirt; Twiggy, the face of Swinging-Sixties London; and Weller, former frontman with The Jam, long dubbed “the Modfather” – it is a subculture that defies easy categorisation.

Only let me know if you come up with something really good so that I can have fun with it too.

No part of this mod however, may be echanged for money!


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