Mla Essay Rules

Mla Essay Rules-77
Stating the title at the end: This claim is made (“Article Title” #).Authors are generally presented with last names only, omitting any titles or honors, even if the source includes them.

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Note: the method chosen here needs to be the same method used in the Works Cited entry as well.

If you opt to name everyone in-text, then you must also name everyone in the Works Cited (or vice versa).

Present all authors' names in the order the source includes them without rearranging them.

When a source has two authors, name both using spelled out (not &).

Headers: state your last name then the page number, with no punctuation other than a space.

Essay: begin with 4 separate lines of information: your name, instructor’s name, course title, and the date.In-text citations are very brief; they include only the author's name and the page number(s).Citations on the Works Cited page give full information about the source.Title page: MLA does not often require a title page, but if one is requested, give the full paper title and your name (on separate lines) in the upper third of the page; instructor’s name, course title, and the date (on separate lines) at the bottom.Headers with title page: select the “different first page” option in the header. On all subsequent pages, include your last name then the page number (counting the cover page as 1).It will often be the title of the article or source.In the in-text citation, use a shortened (but clear) version of the title in either a signal phrase or in parentheses, using correct formatting as required for that source type (an “Article Title” would be quoted while a would be italicized): Stating the title in a signal phrase: According to “Article Title,” this claim is made (#).Margins/spacing: use one inch on all sides with lines double spaced.Leave only one space after periods or other punctuation marks unless your instructor tells you otherwise.If you are requested by an instructor to divide your essay into sections, number those sections in arabic number and a period followed by a space and the name of your section. Where and how this information is provided can vary depending on the structure of the sentence, but here are some general examples: Stating the author in a signal phrase and page at the end: According to Author, this claim is made (#).Stating the author and page at the end: This claim is made (Author A and Author B #).


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