Microfluidics Thesis

Next, microfluidic devices were fabricated from cost-effective and disposable polymer materials, using the state-of-the-art micro-processing technologies.Integration of the individual components is difficult and multiple techniques to overcome these problems have been investigated.

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Furthermore, the optimized RNAscope technique performed better than RNAflow for transcription and translation competent latent HIV-1 reservoir identification.

The RNAscope was also found to be independent of the HIV-1 subtype and can be applied to patient samples at single cell level.

Instrumentino was eventually used in all of the projects in this thesis, and while it required a lot of invested time for its development, it saved a lot of time in running experiments afterwards.

The first CE systems built for this thesis were for a collaborative project about the use of a C4D cell array for following after separation processes, and comparing them to computer simulations.

These proteins might have the potential to be used as surface biomarkers for latent HIV-1 reservoir.

CD4 T cells, monocyte/macrophages, and natural killer cells are believed to be the primary source for HIV-1 reservoirs in peripheral blood.

Several protein catalysts have been effectively immobilized on the surface of commercial and microfabricated electrodes by electrochemically assisted deposition in sol-gel and poly-(o-phenylenediamine) polymer matrices and characterised with confirmed catalytic activity.

The existence of latent HIV-1 reservoir (LR) in all HIV-1 infected patients serves as a major obstacle to completely cure HIV-1 infection.

Together, though further improvement and clinical verification are necessary, the work in this thesis has contributed to the advancement of latent HIV-1 reservoir characterization and may facilitate future development of the latent HIV-1 reservoir targeting and clearance methods with the ultimate goal – to cure HIV-1 infection. Wang Zhang, Sara Svensson Akusjärvi, Anders Sönnerborg and Ujjwal Neogi. "Quantitative humoral profiling of the HIV-1 proteome in elite controllers and patients with very long-term ecient antiretroviral therapy." Scientific reports. Fulltext (DOI) Pubmed View record in Web of Science® III. Ambikan, Maike Sperk, Robert van Domselaard, Piotr Nowak, Kajsa Noyan, Aman Russom, Anders Sönnerborg, Ujjwal Neogi.

"Characterization of inducible transcription and translation-competent HIV-1 using the RNAscope ISH technology at a single-cell resolution." Frontiers in Microbiology. "Transcriptomics and targeted proteomics analysis to gain insights into the immune-control mechanisms of HIV-1 infected elite controllers." EBio Medicine.


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