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This also strengthens the bond between Fiona and GH 8) This theme is revisited in Fiona’s fighting prowess, as you would not expect this in a princess. Another prime example would be Dragon being a sensitive woman and not the fire-breathing beast that society concedes.

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For Example, in the movie Shrek Princess Fiona is ashamed of being an ogre, but in the end she finds happiness when she is "ugly" instead of pretty...

This article examines the discursive practices presented in "Shrek 2." We apply a critical discourse analysis lens while focusing on the way animated versions of Latinos and African Americans are portrayed.

Essay text: Fairy tales actually leave a damaging message.

"Fairy tales, which are still read by millions of American children, say "it pays to be pretty" (Grauerholz). The Ugly stepsister's are constantly being shown in a negative light, and Cinderella, is rewarded because her beauty makes her special...

Of course she was in the video games, but that doesn't really help.

What I did was design Goldilocks after her appearance in Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing while putting my own touches, which includes making her clothes purple to compliment her blonde hair.

Next up is Goldilocks, who was going to appear in the first Shrek film, but was cut for pacing reasons.

She honestly would've been a funny addition, and it's a shame we never got to see her in future installments.


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