Me2 Assignments

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Unless stated otherwise they can all be purchased at Alliance Reqs or via the Dealer.

* indicates unique power setup T5-V Battlesuit Broshep only - N7 Slayer, N7 Paladin Femshep only - N7 Fury, N7 Demolisher, N7 Shadow Note one armor will be given free by the Alliance after completing the N7 assignment. Marine (Broshep)Phoenix (Femshep)Marine officer (HR Tintable) Operative* (Ashley variant Fem, Vega variant Bro)Corsair*Garmr Heavy Assault (CAT-06, Spectre Reqs or Dealer)*Alliance Special Forces (Heavy & Medium) [Tintable]Duelist Armor (Harrotts or Volus store)Mercenary Armor (Harrott's only)Cerberus Shock Trooper armor can be found in a Cerberus mission. Collector Assault Rifle, Collector SMG, Collector Sniper (all salvaged)Spectre M-57 Gladius (found after a new spectre is appointed)Pistol Ultralight V (needs Leviathan DLC.

N7 Helmet - (if imported from ME2)Fish can be fed by either feeder, chef or manually. Squadmate power reset - includes Javik and all new squadmates.

Kai Leng's Broken Sword If installed and completed: Miranda Mod - Cerberus Cruiser Model; Ark Mod - Turian Fighter Model Entire terminal can be accessed from either the CIC or Cabin Fixed - desk glow Revised Personal Terminal with Spectre Mail, Squad screen allows powers to be changed, Crew Manifest and Normandy Manifest. If extra medics are appointed occasionally a crew member will be in sickbay.

Weaker versions must be purchased first, not new game plus).

These are enhanced fetch quests - just like the existing ones to find things in the galaxy map, apart from a small choice or difference test to complete them.

Specialist Traynor will make occasional comments if a system has assets in it. Notes per cluster: Widow - Bekenstein restored, Alliance 5th Fleet depot, Refugee fleets, fuel depot restored to widow. Zoyra Industrial support available if Blue Suns have been recruited and the plant was saved in ME2.

- Salarian Research station is available as part of the Ismar Frontier Components mission.

Books - Ascension and Revelations codex (if you had in ME2)Books - Haiku from Kasumi can be read (if she joins the war effort)Fixed: FTL effect Weapons will appear in the racks if security setting is high or Thane is aboard (with TM3)Working desk - pads and computer added Training screens can be accessed (if Thane is not on board)Removed window covering so Engine Room can be viewed as per ME2.

Fixed: graphical glitch on Thane's mug2 of 6 possible Engineers can be added after Rannoch is completed (need to read email from Tali or Adams).


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