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Use (8.5" × 11" for North Americans; A4 for others), with no "fringe" running down the side as a result of the paper’s having been torn out of a spiral notebook.Do not use sticky-notes, scented stationery, or other nonstandard types of paper. If you accidentally do a problem out of order, or separate one part of the problem from the rest, then include a note to the grader, directing the grader to the missed problem or work.

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They acknowledged that an important characteristic of homework is that "it provides each individual student with the opportunity to develop skills and to think about important mathematical ideas." Spending time in class going over homework also gives students the "opportunity to discuss those ideas collectively." With homework dominating all other categories of math instruction, the researchers argue that the time spent going over homework can be "time well spent, making unique and powerful contributions to students’ learning opportunities" In talking over homework problems, the tendency is the focus is on the mechanics of one problem rather than the big mathematical ideas.

The examples from the published research show how discourse can be limited in talking over homework problems.

A teacher dashboard provides an overview of topics that need more instruction in class.

The system is fully accessible, can be used on mobile devices and integrates with a school's learning management system.

Derivita can be used with any textbook or open educational resource, providing "deeper and more complicated question types to elevate math learning," according to a news announcement.

Its assessment tools give personalized feedback to students based on their responses and provide additional help in areas where students are struggling.Show everything in between the question and the answer.Use complete English sentences if the meaning of the mathematical sentences is not otherwise clear.Derivita is a much more functional and affordable resource for math students and teachers — we don't know of any other tool like it." Because Derivita is not tied to a particular book or class, students save money because they are free to buy used textbooks and resell them without losing access to the online homework system, the company said. Studies on math homework in secondary classrooms from 20 indicate an average of 15% -20% of class time daily is spent reviewing homework.(except in the case of word problems, which are too long).Do your work in pencil, with mistakes cleanly erased, not crossed or scratched out.If you work in ink, use "white-out" to correct mistakes. If you run out of room at the end of a problem, continue onto the next page; do not try to squeeze lines together at the bottom of the sheet.Do not lap over the margins on the left or right; do not wrap writing around the notebook-paper holes.TEACHER: "Would you say the question #14 is more complicated? The student who wrote the incorrect answer may not have the opportunity to explain his or her thinking. The instruction in class can be clarified or complemented by the teacher or student peers.There would be no opportunity for other students to critique other student reasoning or justify their own conclusions. The researchers in the study noted that "by identifying and working through errors together, going over homework can help students see the process and value of persevering through homework problems." In addition to the specific Standards of Mathematical Practices used in talking across problems, student discussions on error and difficulties are listed here along with their student-friendly explanations: As homework will no doubt remain a staple in the secondary math classroom, the kinds of discourse described above should be geared to having students participate in mathematical practice standards that make them persevere, reason, construct arguments, look for structure, and be precise in their responses.


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