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Math Dissertations-86
Kipka PDF Modular Monochromatic Colorings, Spectra and Frames in Graphs, Chira Lumduanhom PDF Eliciting Elementary School Students’ Informal Inferential Reasoning through Storytelling, Dustin Owen Smith PDF Classifying Spaces of Symmetric Groups and Wreath Products, David Louis Arnold PDF A Pattern in the Lusternik-Schnirelmann Category of Rational Spaces, Julie Dare Houck PDF Weighted Shifts of Finite Multiplicity, Daniel S.

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Keller PDF Distances Associated with Subgraphs and Subdigraphs, Steven John Winters PDF Common Moment Sets of Complementary Graphs, Hang Chen PDF Maximal and Maximum Independent Sets in Graphs, Jiuqiang Liu PDF A Critical Examination of the Use of Preliminary Tests in Two-Sample Tests of Location, Kimberly Tucker Perry PDF Multivariate Quadrature on MIMD Machines with Shared or Distributed Memory, Ignatios E.

Vakalis PDF Surgical Techniques for Constructing Minimal Orientable Imbeddings of Joins and Compositions of Graphs, David L.

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PDF The Role of Sampling Variability in Developing K-8 Preservice Teachers’ Informal Inferential Reasoning, Omar Abu-Ghalyoun PDF Uniformly Connected Graphs, Nasreen Almohanna Optimum Leverage Level of the Banking Sector, Sagara Uditha Dewasurendra PDF Variations in Ramsey Theory, Drake Olejniczak PDF Generalized Line Graphs, Mohra Abdullah Z.

PDF The Structure of 4-Clusters in Fullerenes, Jennifer Edmond PDF Lelong Numbers and Geometric Properties of Upper Level Sets of Currents on Projective Space, James Heffers PDF Implicit Fixed-point Proximity Framework for Optimization Problems and Its Applications, Xiaoxia Liu PDF Auslander-Reiten Sequences over Gorenstein Rings of Dimension One, Robert Roy PDF Mappings Between Annuli of Smallest p-Harmonic Energy, Daniel Cuneo PDF Stable Sparse Orthogonal Factorization of Ill-Conditioned Banded Matrices for Parallel Computing, Qian Huang PDF Representation Theory of Orders over Cohen-Macaulay Rings, Josh John Stangle PDF Lipschitz Geometry of Banach and Metric Spaces, Patrick Biermann PDF Finite Generation of Ext-Algebras of Finite Dimensional Algebras and Associated Monomial Algebras, Melissa Margaret Di Marco PDF Composite Minimization: Proximity Algorithms and Their Applications, Feishe Chen PDF Change Point Detection and Estimation in Sequences of Dependent Random Variables, Benjamin Cortese Metric Space Invariants between the Topological and Hausdorff Dimensions, Claudio A.

Di Marco PDF Poletsky-Stessin Hardy Spaces on the Unit Disk, Khim Raj Shrestha PDF EXTENSION OF PLURISUBHARMONIC FUNCTIONS AND DYNAMICS OF POLYNOMIAL MAPPINGS, Ozcan Yazici Holomorphic Fundamental Semigroup of Riemann Domains, Dayal Buddhika Dharmasena PDF Methods of Nonparametric Multivariate Ranking and Selection, Jeremy Entner PDF Extension Properties of Pluricomplex Green Functions, Sidika Zeynep Ozal PDF Filter-based multiscale entropy analysis of complex physiological time series, Liang Zhao Link The Eventual Vanishing of Self-Extensions, Kosmas Diveris PDF The Clar Structure of Fullerenes, Elizabeth Jane Hartung PDF Discrete Sparse Fourier Hermite Approximations in High Dimensions, Ashley Prater PDF Excess Porteous, Coherent Porteous, and the Hyperelliptic Locus in M3, Thomas S.

Clark PDF Pedagogical Moves as Characteristics of One Instructor’s Instrumental Orchestrations with Tinkerplots and the TI-73 Explorer: A Case Study, James L.

Kratky PDF Chromatic Connectivity of Graphs, Elliot Laforge PDF Edge Colorings of Graphs and Their Applications, Daniel Johnston PDF Spectrally Equivalent Matrix Polynomials: Non-Standard Representations and Preservation of Structure, Vasilije Perovic PDF Phantom Maps, Decomposability, and Spaces Meeting Particular Finiteness Conditions, James Schwass PDF Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Attitudes and Beliefs Toward Statistics: Developing an Initial Profile, Christina M.

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