Literature Review On Reading Comprehension Strategies

Literature Review On Reading Comprehension Strategies-60
Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.the content is to be taught, practiced, and ultimately mastered. Those who hope that comprehension is the result look to fill developing readers with the concepts needed to be learned, such as phonological (phonemic) awareness; the alphabetic principle; reading from left to right; understanding punctuation; and spacing.

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How we teach children to process and integrate the ideas found in text can have a large impact on their ability to function in a world of ever expanding knowledge and information.

Reading comprehension at a knowledge level is a complex task.

So, should we teach reading comprehension strategies?

Yes, but as part of the reading process, not as isolated skills with extensive practice.

Most intervention programs are focused on phonics and word decoding.

Oral language interventions concurrent with vocabulary and comprehension tasks at age eight have been shown to lead to significant improvements in reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is not merely a product of being able to decode words and sentences.

When one reads, the clear goal is comprehension of what is read.

Without communication of ideas between the author and reader, decoding texts is pointless.

Note that the list does not include summarizing the main idea, making connections, rethinking, interpreting, and predicting.

These seem more akin to reader response actions than strategies, None of the specific reading comprehension strategies has demonstrated statistically significant effects on reading comprehension on its own as a discrete skill.


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