Literature Review On Online Shopping 2012

Literature Review On Online Shopping 2012-79
The last factor that will influence consumer’s intention purchase in online is the trust in online shopping.According to Lee and Turban (2001), reasons that consumers choose not to shop online is because consumers lack of trust in online shopping.Situational factors will also lead a consumer to have the intention to shop in the internet such as time pressure, lack of mobility, geographical distance, need for special items and attractiveness of alternatives (Monsuwe, Delleart and Ruyter, 2004).

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Need to special items could be the consumer’s needs of customized products to suit their demand (Monsuwe, Delleart and Ruyter, 2004).

Product characteristic is also another factor that will influence the consumer’s intention to purchase in the internet.

For age factor, consumers that are aged under 25 has more potential to shop in online because of their interest in using new technologies to search for product information and compare and evaluate alternatives (Wood, 2002).

For educational level, higher educated consumers are more likely to use the internet for their shopping medium because they are more computer literate (Burke, 2002).

As a result, online marketers or retailers should be aware of the problems faced by the consumers and their perceived risk to increase their intention to shop in online.

Designers must take note of consumers’ needs because the usability is the starting point to get the confidence and support of the consumers (Alzola et. In this part of the study, definition and citations from other authors of the dependent and independent variables in the similar area of research will be presented here.

Consumers will continue to shop in the internet in the future is because they are satisfied with the online shopping experience and it was evaluated positively (Shim, Eastlick, Lotz and Warrington, 2001).

Consumer’s perceived risk will tend to reduce when they are satisfied from the shopping experiences (Monsuwe, Delleart and Ruyter, 2004).


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