Literature Review On Juvenile Delinquency In Nigeria

Literature Review On Juvenile Delinquency In Nigeria-66
Preventing children’s involvement in crime and anti-Social behaviour: A literature review.

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Social disorganization theory grew out of research conducted in Chicago by Shaw and Mc Kay (see Shaw and Mc Kay, 1942). Assessing 'neighbourhood effects': Social processes and new directions in research.

Using spatial maps to examine the residential locations of juveniles referred to Chicago courts, Shaw and Mc Kay discovered that rates of crime were not evenly dispersed across time and space in the city.

Major Social problems, Chicago, Rand mc Nally and Company.

Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, 21 (4), 461-467 Farrington, D. Understanding and preventing youth crime, Cambridge University, Joseph Rouwtree Foundations.

The study utilized social learning theory and cultural theory of crime as theoretical guide. Sample was one hundred and eighty (180) youths selected from six (6) cluster zones in Ibadan metropolis, Nigeria. “Trend and pattern of Urban crime in South Western Nigeria, Unpublished Ph.

These subjects were selected through multi-stage sampling technique which included purposive, stratified and quota sampling methods. A., (2012) The pattern and distribution of crime incidence in an urban environment; A case study of Osun State, south western Nigeria, International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 2(5).178 – 188.

Also, the study found that the major offence committed by youths in Ibadan is rape.

Based on this, the study recommend that government should assist providing a technical institution, whereby the youths get involved in learning various handwork such as carpentry, fashion designing, mechanic, electrician, painting work, etc. Abosede, A., J (2015) Economic Cost of Crime (Terrorism) in Nigeria in A.

In answering this question, Shaw and Mc Kay focused on the urban areas experiencing rapid changes in their social and economic structure, or the “zones of transition.” In particular, they looked to neighbourhoods that were low in socio-economic status. Beyond social capital: Spatial dynamics of collective efficacy of children.

It is important to clarify that, despite the economic deprivation of areas with higher than average crime rates, Shaw and Mc Kay did not propose a simple direct relationship between economic deprivation and crime.


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