Levine Case Studies In Global Health

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However, admission to the pathway is limited to 20 students who will write a formal application, outlining their interest, expectation, experience, and reason for wanting to choose that pathway Students will be assigned to GH mentors with whom they will communicate on a regular basis and who will work on specific projects.

This becomes particularly important in the Fourth Year.

The course consists of 10 evening classes At the completion of this course students should be able to: This case-based clinical series from the district hospital of Kisoro, Uganda, provides clinical education around common diseases encountered in rural Uganda while modeling an approach grounded in clinical reasoning, practical epidemiology, and physical diagnosis skills.

This series will take place during the 3year of medical school and is designed to be held as a group learning session with a facilitator but can also be done as a group online activity.

Several opportunities have been already identified by the course directors internationally or locally.

Students may wish to undertake a research project with one of the course directors.This was testimony to the wisdom of the British Medical Research Council, which provided long-term support for tuberculosisresearch.[30]In the 1980s, short-course chemotherapy was introduced and rapidly expanded in Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique.[31] In all three countries, the cure rate for short-course chemotherapy ranged from 70% In Mozambique to 87% in Malawi, whereas the average cure rate for standard chemotherapy was 40-50%.[32] Despite the impact of the , an estimated 37m lives were saved by tuberculosis treatment from 2000-2013.[34] As the tuberculosis situation improves in the developed world, it is nonetheless deteriorating in the developing world.[35] We hope that in the future, the poor will be able to afford the same healthcare resources as the rich endemic areas, which was 40% of the global at-risk population.[37] The economic cost to China is estimated to be bn.[38] After becoming aware of the scale of the problem, China launched the National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Elimination Program in 1993.The program made regions aware of the problem of ; strengthened the capacity of the salt industry to iodise; improved monitoring of the quality of salt; and banned non-iodised salt.[39] According to Goh, as a result, the rate of goitre (an illness caused by 2012.[41]The achievements of these public health interventions are enormous.The Pathway directors will record attendance and fulfillment of required tasks.Minimal criteria for completion will be distributed to the students prior to signing up for this pathway.For students who are interested in conducting work or research abroad, this course may aid in gaining knowledge for future career options as well as improve critical thinking on the role of the clinicians in global health.Additionally, students who attend and participate actively in the course should gain insight into global health issues affecting patients in increasingly diverse domestic communities.Indeed, the benefits mentioned here do not include non-life-saving health benefits, such as blindness prevented.The eradication of smallpox was a truly extraordinary public health ‘guinea worm disease’.On average, the disease incapacitates people for 8.5, the Carter Centre led the eradication effort.[15] To reduce the burden of the disease, the campaign encouraged the provision of safe water and water filtering through cloth, health education, surveillance of new cases and casehealth’.[20]In Egypt in 1978 all cause infant mortality was exceptionally high at 1 live births, which meant that more than 100,000 infants died every year.At least half of these deaths were diarrhoea associated.[21] In the 1960s, it was discovered that diarrhoea could be treated effectively with a simple combination of salt, sugar and water, called Oral Rehydration Therapy significantly reduced infant mortality in Egypt.


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