Interview Questions On Problem Solving

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Before you even start writing or thinking about any code, take your examples that you created, and solve the problem verbally.Explain what part of the code causes the slowest or most consuming efficiency.If you don't have enough time to implement it, then explain how you can optimize certain parts of your algorithm. Keep improving, testing, and optimizing your algorithm until your interviewer says that its good enough! This post was originally published on my personal blog. 😄 While I was in college, every time the fall season would roll around, most of my friends would talk about how anxious they were for the school year to start again.For myself, I wasn't so much concerned with school as I was anxious about the beginning of .It will help the interviewer gauge what is in your head.Every time you think you are close to being done or finish your solution, test it out loud with the examples you came up with in Step 2.😱 It was a magical time when I would call up and message every technical friend I knew asking for references to their companies, and I would apply to every internship opportunity on Intern Supply, which BTW, is a great website for finding all the available applications for internships.I was fortunate enough through the end of high school and into college that I had enough experience to in an interview.The steps below have helped me numerous times and I can attest to their ability to aid in landing that big job or internship! The interviewer will give you whatever technical question they have in mind.Follow these steps and it should help reduce nervousness, maintain focus, and impress the interviewer.


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