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This does not assume that a knowledge of phonetics has any usefulness at all for learning languages.Possible answers range from “not useful” to “essential”, and an essay arguing the complete uselessness of phonetics knowledge for this purpose would be successful if based on competent analysis.askable about somewhere near.

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It is important to know what is expected of you when you encounter words such as “analyze” or “discuss” on an exam.

Valuable points can be earned or lost, depending on your understanding of instructional words shown here.

These are the words that tell you what your essay should do.

It is important that you understand exactly what these words mean so that you don't misinterpret a question.

Student insights are expected and arguments must be justified. In such statements, details are not necessarily required, but briefly cite the boundaries or limitations of the definition.

Remeber the 'class' to which a things belongs and whatever differentiates the particular object from all others in that class.Use this table to help you analyse the instructional words in your essay questions.Instructional words are very important, but they are often overlooked and misunderstood by students during exams and tests.Your main focus should be on the 'why' of a particular issue, or on the 'how' with the aim of clarifying reasons, causes and effects.You are being tested on your capacity to think critically, to exercise perception and discernment. 1979, Essay Method and English Expression, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Group, Sydney.All of these combinations are possible because the adjectives are “gradable” – able to indicate varying amounts (see 194. Most university essay questions include an instructional word in the question.It usually calls for the kind of argument where opposing lists of points are presented and compared in order to facilitate an overall judgement (see 168. It is quite often placed at the end of a question, like this: This essay would require manufacturing and agriculture to be separately analysed for the likely benefits and problems that expanding each would bring to Africa, and then would have to use these in judging the truth of the statement in the question.Alternative answers would range from “the statement is true” to “the statement is false”, with such intermediates as “mainly true” and “partly true”.This post presents a moderately complete list of essay instruction verbs, and attempts to clarify some of the major subtleties. Understanding the concept of analysis is thus very important.It also considers alternatives to verbs, such as ordinary question words like . The need in an essay for an opinion to be given is a major indication that analysis is required (for advice on the nature of opinions, see 107. However, not all analysis leads to opinions; analysing statistics, for example, can result in the discovery of previously-hidden facts (see 115. Nevertheless, analysis leading to opinion is the most usual kind in essays..


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