Independent And Dependent Variables In Thesis

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I also give the mnemonic that the order of the variables is not alphabetical: IV before DV, PV before CV.

So a PV might not be a grouping variable; it could be a score like human babies' birthweight, which may predict developmental problems.

It is a variable; the researcher has control over its selection and manipulation, i.e. Moreover, its effect on other variables is measured and compared.

A dependent variable is a consequence of an independent variable i.e.

I am of the opinion that these terms are frequently used inappropriately.

EDU and edu on 6/14/2004 PM Researchers frequently use the terms "independent variable" and "dependent variable" when describing variables studied in their research.I suggest alternative terms such as "predictor variable," "factor," (in ANOVA, but the American Psychological Association does not like that use), "grouping variable," "classification variable," "criterion variable," "outcome variable," and "response variable." Hi, Karl -- I'm not sure what you're looking for re incorrect definition of IVs and DVs, but here's what I say: In my intro stats courses, I begin with a discussion of kinds of research as the context in which statistics are used.I use different names for variables in observational research vs. I tell them that true experiments (or "experiments," so that they won't think there's a difference) are characterized by random assignment of participants to groups and manipulation of the different groups' experiences.I am very interested in learning how YOU define these terms to students in your classes. I shall post to the list a summary of responses received. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Karl L. Wuensch, Department of Psychology, East Carolina University, Greenville NC 27858-4353 Voice: 252-328-4102 Fax: 252-328-6283 Wuensch [email protected] the years I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the way many people use the terms "independent variable" and "dependent variable." I now believe that these terms should be used only when referring to experimental research, that is, research where the independent variable(s) is(are) manipulated and the dependent variable(s) is(are) passively observed.Researchers commonly associate the term "independent variable" with "cause" and "dependent variable" with "effect." Using the terms "independent variable" and "dependent variable" with nonexperimentally gathered data may prod researchers in making causal attributions when they should not. Several years ago I was assisting a doctoral student with his dissertation.In statistics, the most often used word is ‘variable’ which refers to a characteristic that contains the value, which may vary from one entity to another.It is similar to the variables used in other disciplines like science and is variable that measures the effect of independent variable on the test units.It is also known as the criterion or measured variable.I tell them the manipulated variable is an independent variable, and I give them a mnemonic for remembering its name: the IV comes first in time so it is independent of the results of the study.In this kind of research, the outcome variable is the dependent variable, which comes second in time and depends on what the people experienced.


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