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Users ranging from illicit actors such as terrorists to reckless or inexperienced recreational operators can pose similar threats to critical infrastructure, national sites and large events or gatherings.

Beyond the implementation of CUAS solutions, the FAA is studying the use of remote identification and tracking solutions for receiving real-time information on drone operations, along with investigating incidents after they have occurred. Imperial Capital cites data from the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College: There are more than 230 CUAS products produced by 155 manufacturers in 33 countries.

I will be uploading question sheets for each of the five parts.

The questions I expect you to be able to complete after each week’s lectures will be indicated below.

The security provider is also said to be exploring a companion drone to follow guarding personnel on their rounds.

Other examples involve Johnson Controls and Stanley; each has collaborated with autonomous UAS providers Percept and Sunflower Labs, respectively.For that reason it is important that you take notes during the lecture as it is on these that you will be examined.The original version of these notes was originally written by Dr James Montaldi; all credit goes to him.Think improved situational intelligence and expedited response to security breaches and other emergencies.Imperial Capital cites an autonomous drone-in-a-box solution offered by Securitas that has been deployed at large events.question A5 on the 2016 paper), and please bear in mind the format change described above.I will be going through questions from the 20 papers in week 12.IMPORTANT: Please note that the format of the exam has changed from previous years.In the revision papers there was a two-section format (part A compulsory, part B two questions from three).This page will contain links to the lecture notes and problem sheets for the 2nd year Classical Mechanics course.You will need your University username and password to download any of the linked PDFs. The coursework for this module may be downloaded here.


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