Illegal Immigration Reform Essay

It also includes American workers, who can reasonably demand that their government enact policies in their economic interest.And crucially, it includes future generations of Americans, who deserve to inherit a society with at least as much opportunity, stability and ecological health as we have inherited from our forebears.By we mean conserving sufficient natural resources for future human generations to live good lives, and not forcing them to live on polluted, degraded, overcrowded, or otherwise diminished landscapes.Too often immigration policy is made piecemeal, with a failure to consider those policies’ full impacts, including their economic, ecological and social impacts.At this point, the meaning of “comprehensive immigration reform” is up for grabs.Once every few decades, the stars align for major immigration legislation.According to political analysts, the United States may be at such a juncture now.As the Jordan Commission noted, it makes little economic sense to add to an already overlarge low-skilled labor pool, while a commitment to equity requires that “a higher level of job protections should be made available to the most vulnerable in our society.” [4]Accordingly, with respect to legal immigration, the Jordan Commission advocated “a significant redefinition” of admission priorities and a reduction in admission numbers.The Commission concluded that the present legal admission system be “shifted away from the extended family and toward the nuclear family and away from the unskilled and toward the higher-skilled immigrant.” It also proposed steps to reduce illegal immigration through enhanced enforcement along the border and at work sites.By , we mean a commitment to the enforcement of labor and immigration laws. The past four decades of lax enforcement and repeated amnesties have demonstrated that making immigration policy without such a commitment is an exercise in futility. [1]By , we mean that immigration policy needs to be made with the interests of all Americans in mind—particularly those with less wealth or power, who tend to get overlooked.Creating a fair and equitable immigration system is not possible without a willingness to set and enforce rules regarding who is allowed to immigrate into the U. Not just the wealthy few or the big corporations, who have had great success driving down wages and lowering incomes for American workers in recent decades, and who do not need any more help in this endeavor from politicians. If present immigration levels continue, America’s population will nearly double by 2100, reaching 560 million people with no end to growth in sight.


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