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Even when you seemingly do everything right, things can go wrong.It’s times like those where we may be tempted to throw our hands in the air and say “Enough!

This video shows a new healthcare coverage scenario assessing an applicant for additional management by a care manager handling care management programs for its members.

View it now The primary source of enterprise data growth, unstructured data, comes from disparate data sources, is spread across departments and locations, and is governed by ever changing compliance mandates and regulations.

With those automatic starting points, the user has ability to ‘ask questions’ of the data to find a quick analysis.” As IBM’s Director of Performance Media, Stoller is responsible for generating leads for the Watson Analytics sales team.

He was looking to generate more leads at lower cost and combination of Linked In and Bombora seemed like a natural fit.

Linked In is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, with more than 450 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company.

These attributes make it a prime channel for B2B marketers looking to reach very specific audiences.

By using Bombora’s company-level surge data, B2B advertisers are able to focus their advertising and sales outreach only on those companies that have demonstrated some level of intent.

Enter Watson Analytics — a new tool from IBM that visualizes data for its users.

Between the strategizing, analysis, content production, dissemination, endless audits, reviews and tweaks, good content marketing is, as they say, an all-hands-on-deck affair.

You need to coordinate different departments and stakeholders and meticulously form a plan of attack that hits the right audience at the right time with the right message.


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