How To Get Your Teenager To Do Homework

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My next step with getting the homework completely turned in was to talk with the teacher.We arranged that my son would drop off his homework as soon as he got to school, instead of waiting until later in the day. If there is no homework for a particular day, keep the study time.A radio station tuned between channels and turned down low may create a good white noise base as well. He has an hour after getting home to relax and refocus, then one hour of study, and then just before bed he does a half-hour review during which we go over what he studied.

Using this mail slot for my son has helped with getting the assignment out of the door in the morning and with him on the way to school.

Having it visible from several areas of the house, and near enough to his first entry area in the house helps a great deal as well.

Having a central space in the house to mentally cue him about several things at once helps him to keep focused.

Any incentive I might have for finishing his homework also goes in the slot, reinforcing his need to put the finished work in the top slot while he retrieves his reward.

The skill of breaking tasks down into manageable segments is not something that comes naturally for ADHD children. Help your child learn this skill, so he can begin his work with a clear idea of what to do, and what to do next.

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Go over the directions with her, read them aloud, do the first problem together, and then observe as she does the next by herself. Your support and praise are strong tools for your child; offer them when he puts forth good effort. Be helpful by pointing out a correction or two if you see the need, but be mindful of not ‘doing it for them’.

by Glenn Hefley A child with ADHD requires consistency in their life.

We see this in every document and guide regarding ADHD children.

With some children, absolute silence is a distraction itself. However, the lyrics in music distract them from what they are doing as they follow and even sing along.

My son and I tried Mozart and other classical music, and some different types of jazz.


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