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This was a different type of racing than the Indy-car event.Stock cars, which are modified versions of street cars (figure 2), were not as fast or exotic as the Indy-cars, but they allowed the crowd to relate more to what they were seeing. Pierce, southerners could identify more with the stock-looking cars and the local racing drivers.

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This seemed probable, because many drivers suffered from a lot of trial and error as they tried to get used to this new type of superspeedway racing.

For example, in the first NASCAR event at the Raleigh Speedway, only 11 out 49 cars finished the race in running condition.

That being said, many of the drivers became used to the track as they returned, and in the interviews conducted with drivers who raced at the track, the ones who were successful tended to like the track overall.

According to White, a car that “handled good” did not give many problems. for a cost of $500,000 (Triplett was one of the nine original shareholders according to the Southland Speedways Certificate of Incorporation).

The evolution of NASCAR as a whole during the 1950s is also an important aspect of the Raleigh Speedway story.

Bill France, the founder and president NASCAR, wanted to make stock car racing more appealing to a diverse audience by gaining acceptance in the national sports scene.In researching the closure of the track, three major theories were presented.The common theory is that by 1958 the residents in the neighboring suburbs were tired of the “noisy nuisance,” and forced the city to close down the track through noise ordinances.France did this by trying to distance the association from the sport’s history of moonshining, grudge races, and overall rowdiness.During the 1950s, France renamed the “Strictly Stock” class in NASCAR to the Grand National Series,” and worked to create large scale venues that could compete with famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.Gene Hobby, a Raleigh race attendee and 1960s NASCAR driver, suggested in an interview that the track may have been closed due to construction flaws.According to Hobby, the track was not banked enough for the speeds the cars could run, and the racing surface may have been too rough.Opened in 1952, it was the second superspeedway built in the South, and it closed in 1958 after only eight major events.It is also intriguing because of how it relates to evolution of American automobile racing, as well as the era of the 1950s., 1952 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and you and your family are going to go see an automobile race.Unlike the small dirt tracks that populate the area around you, this track is something different. It is a mile long paperclip oval with high banked turns and asphalt pavement.


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