Hamlet Antic Disposition Essay

The first one is, in keeping with his declaration to Horatio and Marcellus, put on and taken off as the occasion requires. Most of his conversations with Polonius are attempts to make the old man as ridiculous as possible; he uses apparently nonsensical statements to fool and embarrass Polonius and to comment on his dubious behaviour.

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Thomas Kyd) the central figure feigned madness in order to allay the suspicions of his enemies while he plotted and executed his revenge.Until the climax, much of the King’s attention is focused on attempts to fathom the meaning of the ‘antic disposition’.Polonius proposed Ophelia as a reason, but after the ‘Nunnery Scene’, Claudius is satisfied that Hamlet’s condition does not originate with her.It is Gertrude who most powerfully affects his emotional stability from the start of the play.What he sees as her criminal marriage to Claudius is the obsession that destroys his balance and which is liable to turn him into a slave of passion, whatever the prompting of his rational self may suggest; another is his rage against Gertrude in the Closet Scene (111, iv.).He recognises the logic of this position when he says of Laertes that, ‘by the image of my cause I see / The portraiture of his’ (V, ii 77).If Hamlet’s basic purpose in assuming his ‘antic disposition’ is to divert suspicion while he plots his uncle’s downfall, it must be said that it is not particularly successful stratagem.One of his acts (the killing of Polonius) during a spell of abnormal passion is destined to have fatal consequences for him.It leaves him open to the same treatment at Laertes’ hands as he is in honour required to mete out to Claudius.Jephtah was a Hebrew judge who rashly sacrificed his only daughter.Polonius will, in his own words, ‘loose his daughter’ to Hamlet, and she, too, will be sacrificed, the victim of the machinations of guilty men.


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