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Gurdjieff as revealed in both In Search of the Miraculous and, in a more veiled form, in the myth of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson.However, memorized knowledge of these ideas alone is not enough to enter into an understanding of this book.This meditative, intimate poetry cycle explores the nature of illusion through myth and story.

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The daughter of Louise Welch, Patty de Llosa provides an introduction to five disciplines that have impressed her with their integrity and ability to turn us toward an inner dimension of ourselves that is lacking in ordinary life. Michel de Salzmann was a psychiatrist and the bearer of the Work after his mother, Jeanne de Salzmann.

The conference offered an exceptionally wide variety of perspectives on the spiritual and metaphysical meaning of human consciousness. Now, some twenty years after her death, the notebooks that she filled with her insights over a forty-year period have been translated and published for the first time.

Nathalie de Salzmann de Etievan (1919-2007) was brought up at the Prieure and attended Gurdjieff's groups in Paris.

Later she presided over the groups formed in South America.

In her own words, "This teaching awoke in me a deep interest in searching for a way to educate that would help awaken a child's conscience and develop his feeling." Her abiding interest in the education of children led her to found several schools based on her educational perspectives, which she discusses in this book.


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