Gmat Problem Solving Questions

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This is merely a slice of the hundreds of free questions available to you on GMAT Free: During a particular period, water enters a partially filled reservoir at a constant rate through a mountain stream.

At the same time, water is pumped out of the reservoir at a constant rate through an outlet pipe.

At this rate, how many widgets could 14 such machines produce in 3 hours?

A) 66 B) 231 C) 462 D) 693 E) 909 As you can see from this sample question, GMAT Problem Solving questions test your skills in a “traditional” format.

But if you decide to time yourself, limit your time to two minutes per question.

Following are some GMAT tips that apply specifically to Problem Solving questions — one of the two basic question formats you'll encounter during the exam's Quantitative section.

One employs the Problem Solving format, while the other employs the Data Sufficiency format.

(All questions on the GMAT Quantitative section conform to one of these two basic formats.) Together these two sets of practice questions touch on all of the broad subject areas you'll encounter during the GMAT Quantitative section: arithmetic, number theory, algebra, descriptive statistics, geometry and graphical-data analysis. You can go at your own pace, reading the analysis of each question as you go.

At what rate, in gallons per minute, is the amount of water in the reservoir increasing?

(1) The amount of water initially in the reservoir is 1800 gallons.


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