Geography Coursework River Chess

Your coursework will be credited to you and will remain your intellectual property.It cannot be copied or used in any way without your express written permission.Instead take measurements which will allow us to calculate discharge.

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Examples of recent student GCSE geography coursework ('How and Why is Land Use changing in the inner city district of El Raval, Barcelona?

For the collection of your qualitative data it is not necessary (or practical!

) to measure all parts of the river – you will need to take a sample.

In situations where access is more limited you may have to take a more opportunistic approach to sampling – however in this case it is sensible to get as close as possible to a systematic sample as possible.

An alternative approach would be to base your sampling on areas where you might expect significant changes in river discharge – By choosing sampling sites immediately downstream of confluences you may be able to identify the significant changes in discharge and consider the impact of stream order.There will probably be some variation in channel depth across the cross profile, so it would not be representative to take a single measurement of depth. How how many measurements you chose to take will depend on the variability of the channel depth and the width of the river channel. With a metre rule measure from the water surface to the river bed.To ensure accuracy, turn the metre rule so that the narrow side of the ruler faces into the flow of the river.The accessibility of your chosen site will have an influence on your approach to sampling – for a question investigating downstream changes it is ideal to gather data from points progressively further downstream.A systematic sampling strategy as illustrated – with sampling sites at equal intervals downstream – will help remove bias in site selection, whilst ensuring that your data best illustrates any changes downstream.For the question “How and why does discharge change downstream at Glenderaterra Beck?” you will need to measure those variables required for the calculation of Discharge – Width, Depth and Velocity, but also may choose other variables that may help explain reasons for those changes.If you want to use GIS to locate your sites on a map or to display your data, you need to record your location as latitude and longitude.River landforms can be recorded using annotated field sketches or annotated photographs.In justifying your choice of the variables you have measured it can be helpful to consider the linkages between the different river variables.It is not possible to measure river discharge directly in the field.


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