Gender Roles In Macbeth Essay

All students can reach the objective of the unit but they have to follow different pathways.

They will also try to find an answer to why Shakespeare introduces the witches and the role that their feminine presence plays in Macbeth’s masculinity.

For instance, they could discuss whether Macbeth’s masculinity enables him to escape the female power of his wife and of the witches.

The students in the Advanced Placement class begin this unit with some personal reflections in response to the unit’s essential questions.

This initial activity is going to prepare them to understand what gender, the main theme of the unit, is and how it is perceived in today’s society.

They learn to distinguish gender as societal construct from sex as biological given and to be sensitive to the consequences; they reflect on what authority gender really has.

This unit teaches students to appreciate and understand a canonical text, and to use the text as a source of knowledge to argue about their own vision of gender.

The unit starts with the following essential questions: “What are the social constructions of gender?

What are the conventions that people associate with being male or female? Can gender identity affect how a person makes moral choices?

tells the story of an honorable soldier who turns into a brutal assassin of Duncan, his king, Banquo, his friend, and Macduff’s wife and children.

His murderous acts seem to be instigated first by his encounters with the Weird Sisters, three women with masculine beards, and his wife, Lady Macbeth.


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