Garbage Disposal Short Essay

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It is clear that if we remain indifferent towards the unclean and unhygienic environment in our office and we are likely to have this same attitude at our home and in fact anywhere we go.

But as a responsible global citizen, it becomes our responsibility to preserve our planet earth and keep it away from every possible threat, be it the threat of growing waste with the ever growing population on our planet.

As a social science teacher of the senior secondary classes, I have been given this privilege to host this program and enlighten our students on various ways of managing the wastes of our homes and surroundings so that cleanliness can be encouraged amongst our young generation too.

Before I discuss various aspects of managing wastes, let me first ask you what waste management is all about?

Next comes, combustion or incineration, which is yet another method of waste disposal where solid wastes are made to burn at high temperatures so that it can be transformed into gaseous products or a residual form.

The biggest benefit derived from this type of waste disposal method is that it has the capacity to reduce the amount of solid waste to 20-30 percent of the actual amount, thereby decreasing the space required to dispose them and bring down the burden from landfills.

As waste management is one of our country’s most important concerns these days given the fast pace of growing population and increasing wastes, the environmental risk factors have also increased.

The indisposed waste causes a lot of harm to our environment and breeds various diseases.


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