Fashion Business Plans

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Further, most of our initial investment will also be used to purchase retail equipment and inventory software – all of which will produce future benefits for the company.

We’ve already raised ,000 through personal investments and a small community grant.

However, by closely following generational fashion trends as well as our own customers’ purchasing preferences, we will tailor our inventory to meet the specific needs of our clientele. retail industry in 2007 (including food service and automotive) exceeded trillion.

We will solely focus on the our styles, colors and fits to flatter the lady Baby Boomer/ Meeting the needs of her figure will be our specialty. There are roughly 75 million Baby Boomers, half of which are women.

Booming Boutique’s first-year income statement illustrates a profit margin of at least fifty-two percent, with a net income of ,075 per month – after taxes.

Finally, we have determined our break-even point will equal no less than ,500 in total monthly sales.


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