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Zeena's hair, on the other hand, is always unattractively crimped and confined with pins, just as her personality seems pinched and constrained.

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Metaphors compare two unlike things without using words of comparison (such as like or as).However, Ethan must hide his love for Mattie because of his marriage to Zeena.The only way we know of the magnitude of his love for Mattie is through the unspoken words of Wharton's imagery. The sun slanted through the south window on the girl's moving figure, on the cat dozing in the chair, and on the geraniums brought in from the doorway where Ethan had planted them in the summer to 'make a garden' for Mattie.He would have liked to linger on, watching her warmly tidy up and then settle down..." (49) This insight helps us as readers to truly understand the way Ethan feels from a different perspective and opens the gates for us to further continue learning about his emotions In contrast to the way Ethan's feelings are portrayed toward Mattie, Wharton uses dark and cold imagery to illustrate how Ethan feels toward Zeena. She seems to have the effect of bringing down those who are aro...Figurative Language Wharton establishes patterns of imagery by using figurative language — language meant to be taken figuratively as well as literally.In literature, authors often use various writing techniques to express the character's emotions rather than by using general dialogue.By using these techniques it allows for the reader to have different type of insight into understanding the characters' emotions.Throwing it across the floor symbolizes his growing rejection of Zeena and his desire to run away with Mattie.Ethan thinks Mattie's hair is one of her most beautiful features; it is symbolic of her free, happy, and open personality.Winter is also symbolic of the isolation, loneliness, and immobility that Ethan experiences.The name of the town, Starkfield, symbolizes the devastating and isolating effects of the harsh winters on the land and the men who work the land.


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