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Revolving around a trickery motif, chronicling the age-old battles of the sexes or the generations, culminating in a marriage or marriages, his plots still entertain with their well-paced intrigues and discoveries.

Onto the old stocks he grafted such memorable characters as Mrs.

He was working within the restrictions of accepted traditions, theatrical tastes, and official censorship.

Within those restrictions, however, he exhibited as vain, moneygrabbing, and scandalmongering.

Sheridan’s achievement is even more impressive when one considers that he wrote all of his plays (except for the adaptation of Pizarro) during a period of five years when he was in his mid-twenties and during a period of severe restrictions on the theater.

The upper- and upper-middle-class establishment controlled the theater with an iron grip through limitations on the number of theaters, official censorship, and the unofficial censorship of its tastes.Same thing about his plays.” This is the establishment Sheridan safely tucked away in the Poets’ Corner.There is also, however, an antiestablishment Sheridan—the penniless child suffering at Harrow, the spirited young man dueling for his girl, the member of Parliament sympathizing with the American and French revolutions, whose servants in his plays are smarter than their masters.This official line runs something as follows: “Poor Sherry was motivated by overwhelming vanity and self-interest.That is why he entered the theater and why he left the theater to enter politics.Their mannerism and affectations are displayed and satirized in both The Way of the World and The School for Scandal and their luxurious life is showcased.Both the plays also share a prominent similarity of Scandal Mongering.As a playwright, Sheridan enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing the fashionable world pay and applaud to see itself pilloried.Sheridan lived in the midst of what one of his characters calls “a luxurious and dissipated age,” but the people enjoying the luxuries and dissipations were standing on the heads of a mass of poor people.Something similar happens in The School for Scandal , Joseph wants to marry Maria just for the sake of money and Joseph Surface presents to be kind and generous in front of his uncle Sir Olliver just for acquiring fortune from him.In both the plays most of all the characters portrayed are Aristocrats.


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