Essays On Ambition In Frankenstein

Essays On Ambition In Frankenstein-82
Frankenstein, troubled and heavily burdened by anguish and self reproach for creating the monster that caused so much devastation, he flees to the mountains to find peace.After a while alone, the monster approaches Frankenstein, who tries to kill it.Many of their problems are brought upon by themselves by an obsessive drive for knowledge, secrecy, fear, and ultimately revenge.

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4) This is the first example of obsession that we see in the novel.

This drive to learn the ‘hidden’ laws of nature is the original driving force that sets the I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation, but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart” (ch.

But the monster being physically bigger, stronger and more alert than his creator gets away and gives Frankenstein some time to cool off and compose himself.

The monster tells Frankenstein of its encounters with humans and how terrified it was of them.

During Justine’s trial Victor laments “It was to be decided whether the result of my curiosity and lawless devices would cause the death of two of my fellow beings: one a smiling babe full of innocence and joy, the other far more dreadfully murdered, with every aggravation of infamy that could make the murder memorable in horror” (ch.

8) Even when facing the death of an innocent such as Justine, Victor remains silent.Justine the boys nanny was tried and found guilty fro the murder and executed.When Frankenstein arrives he saw the creature in the woods and knew that the monster had killed his brother and placed his mother’s locket on the sleeping nanny.He spend a year observing a family from a cabin he was living in, this gave him more knowledge and self conscience concluding that his physical appearance was very different from the humans he was observing.On revealing himself however, the humans rejected him and were horror struck by his appearance and reacted ferociously, a reaction that made the monster angrier and he seeks vengeance on his creator.The monster murders Clerval and implicates Frankenstein.Frankenstein is acquitted and he returns home to marry his cousin Elizabeth, who is murdered on their wedding night by the monster as part of the monsters revenge.Momentarily he finds peace, but it is very short lived when he come face to face with the daemon her created.The monster tells him the trials and tribulations that he has endured in life.Despite the fact that this act was not intended, the monster took this as the first act of revenge towards his creator.He places a necklace the boy was wearing on a sleeping girl, the nanny to the boy.


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