Essays For Kindergarten Students

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I was heartbroken, I had to say goodbye to all my friends, learning, and my awesome teacher.

To me, my world was coming to an end and I didn’t like it one bit.

I was excited to learn about numbers, shapes, math, words and anything else I could learn.

My mom enrolled me in a private school because it was easier for her, since she worked at Jackson State University. In my eyes she was one of the smartest people in the world, besides my mom of course.

I didn’t care if it was a private or public school I was just excited for school. She taught me everything I ever dreamed of learning in kindergarten and more! While everyone else could only count to ten; I learned how to count to twenty.

Essays For Kindergarten Students

My teacher was always very fond of me, and that made want to learn even more so I could impress her.

One day, my mom came home and broke some horrible news to me.

She told me that I had to transfer to public school!

A few years ago, Riverdale’s then-director of admissions told an adviser who asked about the school’s attitude toward kids who might need extra help, We’re not set up to deal with kids like that. You may feel like you’ve established a rapport with the admissions director. One woman ended an interview feeling so good she hugged the admissions director.

Sometimes parents end up feeling so comfortable in their interview, they reveal problems that could raise flags, Quinn says.


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