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USA obtained strategic dominance over the world during the war with Japan blowing atomic bombs upon it, and this lead to the fact that American military forces began to plan preventive attack on the USSR.

But this nuclear dominance was only for four years.

And even though during the World War II United States had the greatest direct military expenses, its national wealth for the period had increased for more then 20%.

Arms race was destructive for USSR also for the reason that its economy was less effective then that of USA, which succeeded in more efficient use of new achievements of scientific and technological revolution.

It is obvious that USSR succeeded to endue this military and political opposition with such a mighty opponent during more then 40 years only grateful to over militarization of the economy and low, compared to the standards of the developed industrial countries, level of well-being of the population.

Arm race lead to the total deformation of the USSR economy, in which military industrial complex was about 80% of the total industrial production.The nuclear potential of USSR and USA became so high that any military actions or starting the open war could lead to the destruction of the world.It is important to note that those potential needed to be stored somewhere, as well as it demanded substantial financial resources which would never be paid back.The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 some 70 years after its grimly riveting and highly expectant Marxist-Leninist beginning ranks alongside World War I as the two most singularly pivotal events of the Twentieth Century.In a sense, both are conjoined, with the War providing the decisive finishing blow to what remained of both the totteringly indecisive Romanov dynasty and centuries of turgid, slow-to-change Russian autocracy.It appears to be the race of battleships, weapon systems, airplanes, nuclear weapon and spaceships.In the 20th century arms race between the USSR and the USA played one of the dominant roles in the fall of the USSR.Later on USSR developed not only nuclear but also hydrogen weapon.There were several distinctive features of arms race that are necessary to be mentioned.So, when the country does not correspond to any of mentioned demands or lacks some essential resources, it simply can not only lose the race, but also experience inevitable and as history shows inconvertible changes in its state system.This was exactly what happened with USSR in the arms race with USA.


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