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Rephrasing this sentence to use active voice is simple: "Aid workers served rations to the refugees." Using passive language reflects poorly on your writing abilities, especially in a scholarly context, where captivating writing is essential to liven up what could be boring subject matter.

Rephrasing this sentence to use active voice is simple: "Aid workers served rations to the refugees." Using passive language reflects poorly on your writing abilities, especially in a scholarly context, where captivating writing is essential to liven up what could be boring subject matter.Maintaining the active voice throughout your rough draft will make the process of revision much easier, since you'll have less line-by-line fine tuning to complete if your sentences are already written using the active voice.

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Furthermore, your writing should be clear and uncomplicated.If necessary, you can cut out the extraneous portions of your tangent from future drafts.Additionally, the rough draft is an excellent time to work on establishing smooth transitions between your paragraphs.When writing your rough draft, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the goal of an introduction is to capture the attention of your readers, then to give them a primer on what you'll be discussing in detail throughout your essay.As such, you need to make sure that you have a few strong, captivating opening sentences that address your topic without giving too much away, followed by clear, cohesive information on what exactly you'll be expounding upon in your writing.As writer Anne Lamott puts it in her book Bird By Bird, "The first draft is...where you let it all pour out and then let it romp all over the place, knowing that no one is going to see it and that you can shape it later." If you think of your essay as a painting, the rough draft is the time for you to use broad strokes to fill in as much of the available space as possible. Seeking perfection on the rough draft will lead to nothing but stress and frustration, both of which may hamper your ability to complete an effective draft.The name of the game here is not to achieve perfection, it's to establish a strong foundation to work within as you fine-tune your essay on later drafts.You'll be frequently consulting all of this while you work on your first draft.Stick to the plan you've crafted in advance as much as you can, but don't feel obliged to wholly express your ideas quite yet.Even if you're writing a scholarly paper, there is no need to get caught up in using jargon or buzzwords in the name of sounding smart or "in the know".Use the appropriate vocabulary and lingo for whatever topic you're writing about, but make a concerted effort to keep your sentences from being too confusing.


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