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That first sentence will start and end with quotation marks and a period to sig..ocean belongs to no one but devours the edge of continents wind rain and storms shape her shores wax and wane their icy moons grant ghosts the chance to whisper to clouds yet time hurl her spears through mankind because the ocean belong...i once was like you dear father of mine sweet fruit that we plucked from the vine i ran through the rain to catch the rainbow so gentle and kind the laddy i was until my wedding day to love a father like mine oh what love, joy, and happines... We are all different and happily so, a tapestry of colors, a living rainbow.... It held so tight gripping its hand around my abdomen I couldn’t utter a vowel for my life. Doing something you never did when we were together. Through faces passing, racing, fearfully searching then l... Scientist have shown when in emotional states there truly is a thin line between love and hate. On a empty highway traveling alone Heading toward a world unknown Standing at the fork in the road Trying to choose the right path Wondering what road will last Facing my demons what ever road I take Endless battles for goodness sake I see... How little fraught with real ill, Or unreal phantoms of distress! The handwriting on the note looked strangely familiar. Will I meet that cold embrace, with dignity, and with grace? The awareness of passion and comfort perpetuates until daw... No, the walls in my room were empty; I had to get used to that.

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Deep down, concealed within my soul, That light lie... There's hours of ceaseless boredom, then writing people tickets, and I hate both parts of it. ” Then would I bear it, clench myself, and die, Steeled b... Even though i'm young, underneath the sunlight i feel so old. I did not have exactly a way of life but the bee amazed me and the wind’s plenty was almost believable.

It feels like i wasted decades of my self-growth in a day. Hearing a magpie laugh through a ghost town in Wyoming, saying Hello in Cambridge, eating cheese by the frothy Rhine, leaning fr...

By: Rainer Maria Rilke The darkness hung like richness in the room When like a dream the mother entered there And then a glass's tinkle stirred the air Near where a boy sat in the silent gloom. Through these sentimental thoughts today, my mind is raided with thoughts of you. It feels as though, from the inception of my existence my soul was kissed by shadows. The purity and honesty no longer remains in my vision, nor m... Don’t ever lie and steal, they’d teach us, They’d keep us from unbelievable things.

As soldiers fight for a stronghold, bullets of memories are brought about by tears of pain. I will not change the truth To fit the world's opinion, For my heart and my soul Are both God's dominion. I guess ten empty bottles on the lawn this morning is nine too many to call it just having fun so you laid plans and I missed all the warnings you forgot how to accept it but remembered you could run and I don't claim to be anybo... The pages of the old letter were faded and weather-stained.

I hadn’t viewed many episodes when I was a teenager.

The Final Frontier On Netflix, I’ve been watching the first Star Trek series from 1966-69.Just I hope that loving is too, Because she’s my great friend.... Much like its predecessor, 2 Corinthians was written by the apostle Paul, formerly known as Saul, to the city of Corinth. The hard thoughts come, and the knife craves flesh, none other than my own, like some dark obsession. By: Emily Bronte The linnet in the rocky dells, The moor-lark in the air, The bee among the heather bells That hide my lady fair: The wild deer browse above her breast; The wild birds raise their brood; And they, her smiles of love caress... Leaves, upon Time's branch, were growing brightly, Full of sa... By: Emily Bronte Well hast thou spoken, and yet not taught A feeling strange or new; Thou hast but roused a latent thought, A cloud-closed beam of sunshine brought To gleam in open view. It reminded me so much, of why I can't stand my job. If but some vengeful god would call to me From up the sky, and laugh: “Thou suffering thing, Know that thy sorrow is my ecstasy, That thy love's loss is my hate's profiting! Why are the colors of life so grey, so blue, so cold. My light flickers in time with the breaking of my mind bearing the aching of the night my mind wonders how can I go on but I dim with the shadows creeping I can understand why can't you see my sun is gone I shake with despair I beg pleading... What can be said or cannot be said not ashamed our affair read rushing love untamed as a strong wind a flood... I'm doing THE MAN right now,and I already have the story that I have writin before of THE MAN that I'll just copy on here. Welcome to my world of depression, heartbreaks, abandonment, loneliness and maybe even neglection if you want to call it. I drew on the walls that was my call during the nighttime is when I needed help everyone was after me I was gonna die during the day or the night either way I could not get away from it however I prefer the night time more dark it... Her "i's" and "j's" were dotted with petite open circles. Descartes needs a non-deceiving god to trust his reason, yet to conclude god exists he must trust his reason. How do you begin to describe a scene that makes your blood run cold? The events I'm about to relate are completely true. There is a spell in purple heath Too wildly, sadly dear; The violet has a fragrant breath, Bu...The breeze blew warm across the meadow, bending goldenrods to cast away butterfly and bee, as the man made his way purposefully down the well-worn path to the spring in the valley below. WARNING: THE MAN I wrote a year ago so please no judgement. The executioner wields his axe, while the judges, they begin to wax, about justice, rules, of course the law. The convict is lowered to the block, and the crowd is ready for the shock, of the dead ma... I am not asking for a pity party, i just hope my audience reads this and understands that we have to struggle first to... They grow up, move out on their own and only call when they need som... If I was to approach a stranger and tell them to describe what he or she saw in this photograph, his or her initial response would be that there’s a boy and a girl. Work, home, kids, duties, too much complexity, it eats at my wellbeing. The purpose of this paper is to explicate this objection to Descartes’ argument, which I will do in section 1, illustrate potent..."Life with lesson's, smoking session" with best friend's, grands the finale. Poverty the vains "commercial,property" dirty money always bother me. Life comes at you fast, sometimes we are called to deal with things that honestly suck. When an individual’s identity is obscured or falsified, they risk undergoing social and emotional collapse. True love will be the one to overcome, True love, oh only if I could get to her. My eyeballs are located in the mirror with minor fears of no shedding tears. If you listen closely You can here someone far away Quietly playing a flute. Remembering when you were young, When mommy and daddy taught you. Shakespeare explores this concept in Richard II,... They’d teach you from rights to wrong, Just how they taught us keeping truth. Funny how even after all these years such sentimental thoughts lie you tell a truth. each lie thats true each lie a scar each lie a lie who I thought you are, each lie you lie each lie too far each lie's a lie each lie's too hard... Spiritual beings we are Yes with flesh and bones Blood, hair, and arteries Yet feelings, personalities, attitudes ..different from anyone Souls we all have No not seen, but there Just as sure as the parts you see Souls are real Mankind... I O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn's being, Thou, from whose unseen presence the leaves dead Are driven, like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing, Yellow, and black, and pale, and hectic red, Pestilence-stricken multitudes: O thou... The words were barely legible and the ink had run in spots. By: Rainer Maria Rilke Who so loveth me that he Will give his precious life for me? Rare and admirable it is to witness you carrying the whole weight of the world upon your shoulders while most seem to struggle carrying boulders and when the world becomes colder your resilience warms it You are what true s... Kristaphique Godfrey I am from Arkansas where forest and cattle ranches is My world of pretending I am a princess and majesty Yours truly, I am Kristaphique and it’s been nice Always and forever I will be a pr... That time of year thou mayst in me behold When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang Upon those boughs which shake against the cold, Bare ruin'd choirs, where late the sweet birds sang. Forsaken me oh Lord and set me free, I like my world, my country is of thee. By: Rainer Maria Rilke Upon the bridge the blind man stands alone, Gray like a mist veiled monument he towers As though of nameless realms the boundary stone About which circle distant starry hours. Little Lamb who made thee Dost thou know who made thee Gave thee life & bid thee feed. A grey-haired man held the paper in slightly trembling hands as his eyes became heavy. Once there was a very poor woman, As she needed to get off these streets. I shall be set free from the stone If some one drowns for me in the sea, I shall have life, life of my own,— For life I ache. Two magnificent marbles floating through space, one, green with jungle and filled with violent primates, the Varul The other, blue with ocean, and intelligent amphibians, the Lareth. Six possibilities are there, Roll the dice if you dare, Land on a slide, a ladder or an empty space, We'll watch the expressions on your face. It's my turn to roll, I'm six spaces from winning, The dice feels like coal, My head is to me old poetry I shall cherish as the new, I will read like old by candlelight, savoring the smell of ages past, listening to their conversations, their cities sounds wrapped in the virtual reality of ti... Despair below everything, beneath every laugh, under every smile, behind every achievement. Wished I had more, Wished to love, to be loved, To hear her voice when I am ill, To trust, To give my heart to the one, To wake up, just to her, To dream of our cute moments, To lose myself in her eyes, forever safe, To be there for... This life is hard that I've been given but the despair is what made me Who I am today.


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