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He had an extremely unusual serious look on his face. We arrived at our hotel which seemed like a nice little cosy place.The beach was right in front of us - white sand, crystal clear water, the perfect, paradise beach.

You’re a good writer and a good editor of your work, but you’ve never tried travel writing before.

As your potential reader, I have some advice and some requests for you as you write your travel experience essay. I don’t want to know your travel schedule or the names of all the castles or restaurants you visited.

Please don’t rewrite someone else’s account of visiting the place.

Please don’t try to imitate a travel guide or travelogue or someone’s blog or Facebook entry. What parts of your account are likely to confuse me?

To inspire you and help you write your next trip essay—whether it’s an essay about a trip with family or simply a way to remember your best trip ever (so far)—we enlisted the help of Professor Kathleen Boardman, whose decades of teaching have helped many college students learn the fine art of autobiography and life writing.

Here’s advice on how to turn a simple “my best trip” essay into a story that will inspire others to explore the world. Now that you’re back from your trip, you’d like to share it with others in a travel essay.

Travel Writing As I stepped out of the aeroplane, the heat hit me.

You can always feel it straight away when you go some place warm.

Through what—and how—you write about just a small portion of your travel experience, show me that you are an interesting, thoughtful, observant person.

I will come back to you, begging for more of your travel essays.


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