Essay On Substance Abuse In The Workplace

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This survey studies the use and attitudes of the Spanish population with regard to drugs.

In 2007–2008, it included an additional module aimed exclusively at the working population which targeted potentially active people aged 16–64 and involved 15,071 people.

According to Special Eurobarometer 331 (2.78Mb PDF) on EU citizens’ attitudes towards alcohol, three-quarters of EU citizens (76%) consumed alcoholic beverages in the past 12 months while a quarter (24%) claimed to have abstained.

The results also show that around half of alcohol consumers (49%) say they drink between one and three times a week; most EU alcohol consumers (69%) usually have two drinks or less in each session, whereas 10% claim to usually have five drinks or more.

A key source is the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), which was established in 1993 as an EU decentralised agency.

Among its activities, the EMCDDA publishes an annual statistical bulletin with the most recent data on the drugs situation in Europe as a whole and for 43 countries including EU Member States plus Norway, as well as candidate and potential candidate countries and other neighbouring countries.Public authorities and social partners in EU countries have developed national legislation and agreements banning/limiting alcohol/drug use at work, with a focus on testing practices intended to control usage at work.Public authorities and social partners have also adopted various policy measures to prevent and combat the negative effects of alcohol and drug use at work.Finally, it is important to stress that the analysis focuses primarily on the issue of alcohol/drugs specifically at the workplace (use and consumption, rationale, effects, existing legislation, etc.).Nevertheless, some attention is paid to the work-related effects of alcohol/drug consumption outside the workplace, as these effects are often interlinked irrespective of the place of consumption.The European Commission has carried out several Special Eurobarometer surveys (for example, Special Eurobarometer 186 (1.18Mb PDF), Special Eurobarometer 272b (1.61Mb PDF) and Special Eurobarometer 331 (2.78Mb PDF) to collect information on the attitudes of EU citizens towards alcohol and their consumption patterns.The most recent (Special Eurobarometer 331) was published in 2010 and contains information collected in October 2009.The reports have not been edited or approved by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.The national reports were drawn up in response to a questionnaire and should be read in conjunction with it.Table 1 summarises the most important national statistical surveys that provide information on the prevalence of alcohol/drug use at the workplace in the EU27 Member States and Norway.As part of a systematic medical screening, the Securex Group examined the results obtained from 7,169 participants in the WHO’s Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (172Kb PDF) (AUDIT) in 2007.


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