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Contrary to the myth that only lazy or stupid students resort to plagiarizing a paper or peeking at a neighbor's exam, anyone can be a cheater.

A high GPA and strenuous study habits are no protection against the temptation to cheat.

But feelings of guilt writhed in the back of her mind as the date of the final exam approached.

"I kind of convinced myself that I didn't do anything wrong, but underneath it all I think I knew that I did something against my morals and values," Wood said.

"That was probably one of the more difficult consequences, having to face him and admit what I did wrong," Wood said.

Although Wood pegs herself as an honest person, this wasn't the first time she cheated on a test."One thing I've learned is grades aren't the most important thing," she said.Stealing is the act of taking something that doesn’t belong to you without permission.So she did something most cheaters wouldn't dream of doing."I didn't get caught for cheating -- I turned myself in," she said.They tackled the questions together, and since the professor allowed students to bring a page of notes to the final, Wood had an easy way to cheat."My plan was to just go in with the final all completed with all the answers," she said.While stealing can be dishonest criminal theft, it can also be the result of poor impulse control or addictive compulsive disorders.Kleptomania, or compulsive stealing, is a common cause of theft that many forget about.When we hear the word “stealing,” we often think of someone breaking into our homes or shoplifters trying to smuggle high-priced products out of a store.We think of career criminals, or stealing for dishonest personal gain.


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