Essay On Magic Johnson

I could do whatever I wanted on that hoop and it made the game feel magical being able to fly above the rim just how I imagine Magic Johnson feels when he’s playing on a regular 10 foot hoop.

I can tell how much love Quincy has for the game of basketball just by how well he really describes how “Magic” played the game.

Bird is not famous for his looks, but he was nonetheless the pinup of my pre-pubescent years.

And over time, he became that “mystic” Wallace refers to, a fabulously gifted player and a reserved man from a small town in Indiana, who because of his reticence achieved a godlike stature in the eyes of fans like me.

I especially like this poem because it makes me think of all my glory days of playing basketball and also watching basketball.

I feel as if I can relate to everything Troupe is saying.

My favorite move was the skyhook and I remember it just as he described Kareem “popping the cords”.

In music, chords are the base structure of any song just like post players on a basketball team are the base of the team.

All this is to say, I approached the book with great enthusiasm.

Bird and Johnson are both referred to in the third person throughout, confirming the obvious—that Mac Mullan has done the heavy lifting.


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