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Hence the child acquires many needs through social and affiliation learning which leads to socialization.

Major Features of the Process of Socialization: The process of socialization is a continuous one. Results of various experimental studies, observations of children in day-to-day life, interviews with parents, studies in different cultures taken together point out the major aspects of the process of socialization.

Socialization is the process through which the individual learns to become an accepted member of the society.

At birth the neonate is neither social nor unsocial.

He learns the social norms, how to behave with the teachers and show respect to them, how to deal with the class mates.

In this way as he grows and grows and reaches adulthood he comes across varied agents of socialization who mould his personality in the manner the society wants.

During the first three four years and before attending school the child is trained to meet the expectations of family members.

They teach him to follow the socially accepted behavioural patterns which are considered as good and reject unacceptable behavioural patterns which are considered as bad.

But when he is admitted to a preschool or a nursery school or a primary school, he is also influenced by teachers and friends.

The child learns to adjust with a wider world of school teachers, class mates and play mates and a host of other persons.


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