Essay On Life Without Tv Internet

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Your job is to work through these feelings to free yourself from electronic-entertainment reliance.Lose the reliance and you will start to realize other aspects of your life that you have been neglecting, such as planning for your future, your family, your house, your friends, your kids or your health.It could be holding you back far more than you realize.

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Recently, I was overwhelmed with the constant presence of electronic devices in my life.

I realized that I could hardly get through an hour, much less a day, without checking my email or Facebook.

The TV, the Internet, music and/or video games are great because they help you waste time without fuss and effort.

Without them, you will start to feel as if you have nothing to do.

But then I started using this time to think over so many things in my life. In the old days, there were only three, four, or five channels, which meant you had to go entertain yourself in some way because watching TV was too dull.

But, over time the TV has gained more channels, music is easier to get, and video games have become more fun than real life.I think children should believe in fairy tales, miracles, that good defeats evil.But unfortunately, there are so many people that feel incredibly uncomfortable in silence.You will start to feel restless or feel time start to drag.Time drags and you feel bored and restless because you are removed from the time-vampires that are constant electronic entertainment.Just how uncomfortable you become is unclear, but you may be in for a very big shock as you realize just how lonely and uncomfortable you feel.You may find yourself talking incessantly on the phone, to which people will become annoyed because they have TV to watch, video games to play, Internet the explore and music to listen to.You may realize just how little you are doing with your life, or just how long ago it was when you played with your pets.One hopes that these realizations will prompt you into action so that you change the way things are going. There are often numerous distractions around the house and outside the house that will help you take your mind off the fact you cannot use your TV, the Internet, music or video games.Bringing up children on TV and nasty after effects can start to appear in later life.For example, kids watch cruel cartoons and movies where the murders, chases, accidents, divorces happen so often that in time, they subconsciously set themselves up to the worst.


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