Essay On Great Leader Mahatma Gandhi

Essay On Great Leader Mahatma Gandhi-23
More than once Gandhi used fasting to impress upon others the need to be nonviolent.India was granted independence in 1947, and partitioned into India and Pakistan. Gandhi had been an advocate for a united India where Hindus and Muslims lived together in peace.His grandfather had risen to be the Dewan or Prime Minister of Porbandar and was succeeded by his son Karamchand who was the father of Mohandas.

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After 5 days the opposing leaders pledged to stop the fighting and Gandhi broke his fast.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India.He became one of the most respected spiritual and political leaders of the 1900s.At the age of 13 Gandhi married Kasturba, a girl the same age. In 1893 he took on a one-year contract to do legal work in South Africa.At the time the British controlled South Africa (though South Africa as such did not exist at that time, and the British did not control all of it by any means.Twelve days later a Hindu fanatic, Nathuram Godse who opposed his programme of tolerance for all creeds and religion assassinated him.There are five great contributions which Mahatma Gandhi gave to the world as follows: (1)A New spirit and technique- Satyagraha; (2) The Emphasis that the moral universe is one and that the morals of individuals, groups, and nations must be the same.Gandhi was arrested many times by the British for his activities in South Africa and India.He believed it was honourable to go to jail for a just cause.(3)His insistence that the means and the ends must be consistent; (4) The fact that he held no ideals he did not embody or was not in the process of embodying.(5) A willingness to suffer and die for his principles.


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