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I am not sure if this is even considered acceptable, but I have done it anyway.

Even with 52,000 adoptions in 2012, 102,000 were still legally ready for adoption with no parental rights' strings attached.

Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, 641,000 children lived in foster care in 2012.

Some grants and tax credits are available to help defray these expenses.

Some employers also offer financial assistance or paid leave to help with this process.

ADOPTION AND AGENCY: American Adoptions of Marshallese Children Numbers in Adoption Reunions; How Many People Get Told NO?

Commonly, the agency gives the birthparents biographies of prospective adoptive parents, and the birthparents pick the family they are most comfortable with.

Many times the adoptive parents are able to witness their child's birth.

Some families stay in touch through their adoption agency, especially on birthdays and holidays. The open adoption process also allows adoptive parents to better answer their children's questions about who their birthparents were, and why they were adopted.

You will complete a state-required, two-month home study process that investigates your ability to raise a child and your background.

Once you are certified as an eligible adoptive family, you are placed on a waiting list for a baby -- which can take months or years.


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