Essay By Robert Frost

What is particularly attractive to young people is that the poet questions tradition here. He comes to a conclusion that his neighbour “moves in darkness”.

But what is even more important that he doesn’t insist as he must respect his neighbour’s position regardless of what he thinks himself. This teaches young people that they should question the notions that stem from the past but to not be insistent that other people change their views. The poet describes just how doubtful he was, how complicated it was to chose.

The poet by contrasting the “buzz saw snarling and rattling” and the “five mountain ranges…

under the sunset far into Vermont,” condemns them of not being able to appreciate the beauty of nature. It is especially valuable to young people as it depicts the harsh reality without hiding anything.

His choice of subject matter is as relevant to us today as it was when it was written.

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The way he expresses his ideas is fresh and different, it is original.

Thus, the poet concludes: In “Mending Wall” the same theme is examined from a different angle.

The notion of a wall separating people is explored. ” The poet attempts to think it through, to decide who is right, much like a youthful mind faced with a choice.

In any case, it is a hint at the fact that what is being discussed in that poem is so vitally important that it should be taught to little kids!

The dark humour of the poem, however, returns us to the thought of how truly poignant is the fall of this lady, Abishag, depicted in the first verse.


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