Essay About Respecting Others

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It may even lead to the fact that absence of respect may stop relationships or turn them into very negative.

Having realized what self-respect is, having accepted it as a feature of any personality, we can give precise definition of human respect.

This is respect for yourself, for your own personality.

Self-respect implies presence of such ideas about yourself that are your advantages, according to your mind.

It can be love, formal, sexual, relative, gender and other relationships. Respect can be sincere, honest, real, but also flattering, false.

Respect is expressed and demonstrated in words and behaviour, and we all know that human actions can come “from soul”, as well as can be caused by different personal aims.

It means that if self-respect is an essential feature of any mentally healthy man, then reaction to respect or its absence in relationships with other person is programmed in relationships from the very beginning.

Person just can not be careless or can not ignore such a form of relations as respect.

Since our disrespect is the same that bad evaluation of a person.

So if you want to have good relationships with someone, you should respect this person and have at least positive, and better high self-respect.


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