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One of the reasons France is currently such a difficult partner in Europe is that the country Hollande represents is old-fashioned -- and hopelessly in love with the idea of being old-fashioned.

It lives in the past, and even when it knows that it's in trouble, it refuses to change.

France is the world's fifth-largest economy, and at the moment investors are even paying to lend the country money.

Nevertheless, France also counts as one of Europe's economically ailing countries.

Conversely, many work longer days than their German counterparts.

And there is also an elite consciousness among those at the top of society, which they have worked hard to earn in management schools and top universities.The contest is open to all undergraduate students of French at the University who are not native speakers of French and who have not learned their French primarily in French-speaking schools.Questions concerning eligibility can be discussed with Professor Krueger (Director of the Undergraduate Program in French).On the one hand, when it comes to economic power and political clout, the country compares itself almost obsessively with neighboring Germany.Its politicians leave little doubt as to their conviction that they represent the most important country in Europe.The country would like to be part of Europe's north, but its heart belongs in the south.It will take more than navel-gazing to get the nation through the euro crisis unscathed.Geboren 1978 in Lausanne (Schweiz), studierte in Basel Geschichte und Germanistik und arbeitete vier Jahre im Feuilleton der "Basler Zeitung".20 Henri-Nannen-Journalistenschule in Hamburg mit Stationen bei SPIEGEL, "ZEIT" und "Tages-Anzeiger-Magazin" (Zürich).The Two Sides of the French Psyche Both sides of the French psyche are in full evidence in Paris, where long lunches seem to be an essential part of doing business.Some French employees are entitled to more than 40 vacation days a year.


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