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The magic and wonder of Paolini’s fantasy universe finally blossoms, and the plot takes some surprisingly mature directions.

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Fast forward three years, and Paolini made a horribly misguided decision: splitting the final volume into two.

After years of anticipation, “Brisingr” just fell flat.

Characters are forced to use more than brute strength to accomplish their goals – a refreshing departure from what I expected.

Reading the last half of “Inheritance,” I felt like a young teenager enjoying “Eragon” for the first time.

Throughout “Inheritance,” clever little touches are thrown in – the legend of an ancient tribal hero, for instance, or an indestructible sword crafted from “the archetype of an inclined plane” – that keep the book worth reading.

Paolini might not be a very good writer of political intrigue, but he’s an outstanding world-builder.

Most of the major plot elements here have been clear almost from the start of the series.

Good guys fight enemies, suffer a few minor struggles along the way, and approach the final battle. I wasn’t holding my breath for anything spectacular.

If that has to be done by killing off unneeded characters, so be it.

These elements shouldn’t have been there in the first place unless they advance the plot somehow.


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