Essay About A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Licensed under CC Attribution Share Alike 3.0 license" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567850225"The deaths that are a result of the violence elicit feelings of pity and terrorwhich demonstrate the negative aspects of violence within the story.

The attitude change in the grandmother demonstrates how violence is used as apositive force.

I emerged from this environment with a specific worldview—one in which it felt normal to suffer, to fend for oneself, to mistrust people in institutions, to fear difference.

In the pain, loneliness, and desperation that results from such a worldview, my addiction began, starting with a forty-ounce bottle of Private Stock malt liquor behind a vacant mill building with a group of kids no different from me.

In light of her nostalgic longing for an imagined past—one likened by O’Connor to that of the imagination that created these changes represent to the grandmother the corrosion of goodness, the emergence of a world where good people are hard to find, and she is terrified by the prospect.

The grandmother finds comfort in constantly looking for and clinging to signifiers that reflect the world she desires, one in which goodness exists and can be defined along lines that allow her to fit into it.

As withmany ladies her age, the grandmother seems to cling to her past saying "People arecertainly not nice like they used to be" (333).

The grandmother is also quite absorbed inher appearance and takes great care to be sure that she will be seen as a lady.

She rubbed the melted time-release seal on the hem of her shirt, and as she crushed the pill beneath a dollar bill with a Bic lighter, all I was thinking was how I wanted to feel at ease.

The depth of suffering I would experience in the place where I was headed rested outside of my purview. The grandmother shows a similar lack of reasoning in her attempts to gain a sense of security.


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