Effect Of War On Society Essay

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But protesting against war may not have seemed so futile or naïve in the nineteen-thirties.In 1924, on the tenth anniversary of the national mobilization in Germany for the First World War, the conscientious objector Ernst Friedrich published ), an album of more than a hundred and eighty photographs that were drawn mainly from German military and medical archives, and almost all of which were deemed unpublishable by government censors while the war was on.

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” does not make her revulsion against war any less conventional in its rhetoric, and in its summations, rich in repeated phrases. After all, his question was not, What are your thoughts about preventing war? Woolf challenges this “we” at the start of her book, but after some pages devoted to the feminist point she abandons it.“Here then on the table before us are photographs,” she writes of the thought experiment she is proposing to the reader as well as to the spectral lawyer, who is eminent enough to have K.

What does an educated—that is, privileged, well-off—woman like her know of war? Woolf proposes they test this “difficulty of communication” by looking at some images of war that the beleaguered Spanish government has been sending out twice a week to sympathizers abroad.

Let’s see “whether when we look at the same photographs we feel the same things,” she writes.

General Franco was using the tactics of bombardment, massacre, torture, and the killing and mutilation of prisoners that he had perfected as a commanding officer in Morocco in the nineteen-twenties.

Then, more acceptably to ruling powers, his victims had been Spain’s colonial subjects, darker-hued and infidels to boot; now his victims were compatriots.


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