Dissertation Supervision

The workload of the degree should be proportionate to this goal and this should be borne in mind in the course of the supervision process.

To be awarded a doctoral degree, students shall Schools may approve doctoral dissertations in the forms described below.

In such a case, a sufficiently detailed report of the contributions of all authors in the separate publications must be included in the summary.

A doctoral dissertation is a public document and shall be available 10 days before the defence at the School of Engineering's office noticeboard in Otakaari 4.

The articles included in the doctoral dissertation are published or submitted for publication in an acknowledged peer-reviewed forum in the discipline (for example a scientific publication series, conference proceedings or other work).

Articles not yet accepted for publication can also be included in the doctoral dissertation.

This shall be taken into account in the course of the supervision of the doctoral candidate.

The doctoral degree, including a doctoral dissertation, should be completed in four years of full-time study. During this time the student completes the required studies and write a doctoral dissertation, which is examined publicly.

Schools take the decision on the acceptable formats of dissertations in the school and give further guidelines on the requirements for doctoral dissertations as needed.

In the field of art and design, a doctoral dissertation may also include other products than written products.


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