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Les universitaires particulièrement actifs appartiennent typiquement aux communautés « folocales » car ils s’efforcent de maintenir un équilibre entre les exigences qui émanent du contexte local (enseignement, tâches administratives) et celles qui sont liées à la production savante intensive (communications, publications).Dans la seconde partie de l’article, les critères dans Genre Analysis (1990) sont amendés, étoffés et mis à jour, puis sont suivis de remarques conclusives.

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In an attempt to learn more about these meetings, I interviewed Stephen Betz, one of the cooks.Active academics are typically members of “folocal” communities, as they attempt to balance the demands of their local situation (teaching, administration) and the demands of active scholarship (presenting, publishing).In the second half of the paper, the original criteria as given in I first heard the term “discourse community” early in 1986, fairly soon after I had moved to the United States; it was used in a talk at the University of Michigan given by Lillian Bridwell-Bowles.Il explore ensuite la façon dont ce concept a été repris par ceux qui enseignent les techniques d’écriture universitaire dans le supérieur aux États-Unis.Trois types de communauté de discours sont ensuite proposés : les communautés locales, focales et « folocales », ces dernières présentant des caractéristiques communes aux deux premières.Had Sarah not called in and talked to Lisa in advance, Lisa would have found out much later that Sarah is not coming to work and would be scrambling to find another employee to fill her position.In a worst case scenario, Lisa would not be able to find anyone to cover Sarah’s shift and the servers would have to work short one server, which puts more stress on the other servers.From then on, my thoughts about discourse communities lay largely dormant until in 2013 I was asked to give a talk at a well-known university in North Carolina.The professor who invited me suggested I speak about “the concept of discourse community”, which I agreed to do.In determining whether or not a group is a discourse community, there are several certain rules, rather a list of criteria, in which After finding this out, Lisa began making phone calls to several other employees who were not scheduled to work, in hopes of finding someone to cover Sarah’s shift (Pappas).The purpose of these phone calls is to make sure that everyone is on the same page and ensures that no one can blame anyone else for an error in communication or misunderstanding.


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